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Are you looking for an adventure off the beaten track –  but at the same time, you want to “do good” while travelling?

Here is my recommendation for you – “Adventures Less Ordinary” – a great compilation of expert advice and insights on various volunteer and voluntourism projects, or simply great volunteering inspiration. In this book the main focus lies on the sustainablilty and responsibility of projects, on the “travel-inspired community service” and it raises the important question “what do the local communities really need?” vs “what is it the travellers want to do?” and it gives answers and guidance on how to choose a project that will really “do good” to the local people.

You will find inspiring projects for commmunity development and animal welfare, whether you want to help children living in poverty, or support elephant projects in Asia, this book will help you to distinguish harmful projects from real, needed help by simply asking the right questions.

Inspired Escaped, e-book

Instead, what is needed today is for
people with generous hearts to partner
with local leadership and to fill in any gaps
the locals determine. Everyone needs to
understand that sustainable change for
people living in poverty comes not from
the outside in, but from the inside out.

Christine Garde, founder at CouldYou.org

Download your free copy of this deeply insightful book on responsible travel and volunteering from Inspired Escapes.


The book has been initiated by Inspired Escapes, a travel company committed to long-term empowerment of the local communities. By booking with them you provide financial resources for local communities to start and develop into independent and self-reliant businesses. Inspired Escapes contribute only to local and independent suppliers, accommodation providers, and expert guides.

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