Local Adventure trips in Chile

What is Evoluzion?

Two passionate graduates of the University of La Serena in Chile, dedicated to their belief that “travelling can be used for good, and the potential for impact is much greater than any other industry out there”- set out to put mere words into deeds.

Rafael & Marcelo, foundersRafael Quezada Gaete and Marcelo Muñoz founded Evoluzion – a social business that promotes development of low income communities through sustainable tourism. The idea is to involve the local communities and emphasize the value and richness they provide for travellers through their traditions and unique life stories. Sharing unique cultural insights and personal stories not only make for a special and authentic experience for the visitors, but also empower the communities to preserve their culture, tradition and natural environment.

Evoluzion is a social enterprise which aims to foster cultural exchange, mutual respect and to enrich people’s lives and their understanding of others by creating a special and exciting travel experience in Chile.

How does Evoluzion work and how do the locals profit?

Mapuche woman in ChileCultural immersion is the key word! Through cooperation with local entrepreneurs Evoluzion develops travel experiences which will stand out because they immerse travellers deeply into the culture of Chile. Instead of just selling their products to travellers, local artisans are now able to offer handicraft classes – a fun and educational way of learning and experiencing new cultures for the traveller, and a new source of income for the locals.

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What type of activities does Evoluzion offer?

Since the activities have been developed together with the host communities to bring close the culture to the travellers, there are a variety of activities. Here are a  few ideas of what your trip with Evoluzion could look like:

  • Hiking on hidden trails with your local guide who knows the secret passages and some spectacular views.
  • Visiting little villages where you can do a homestay and experience the local life being immersed in it.
  • Trying out new skills like pottery classes, cooking classes and other handicrafts.
  • Listening to old stories of the indigenous Mapuche people and learning about their ancient knowledge of medical herbs.
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