Veterinary internship with Sri Lanka’s street dogs

Help the Dog Care Clinic to give a better life to dogs (and cats)

Dog Care Clinic Praktikum

The Dog Care Clinic is a German animal-welfare organisation in Sri Lanka, that is dedicated to help the countless stray dogs of Sri Lanka. Apart from neutering, mass vaccinations and treatment of injured and neglected animals, the Dog Care Clinic also suppports the socially deprived locals in the country. Further it aims to create awareness for responsible treatment of animals within the communities, in order to tackle the issues and the suffering of the animals on a sustainable level.

Being a veterinary student you can make a big contribution towards those goals. Through an internship or volunteer program at the Dog Care Clinic, you are supporting the project actively and financially. You will gain important experiences in the areas of:

  • Castrations (techniques with very small incisions)
  • Treatment of tropical and travel diseases
  • Parasitology
  • OP Assistant (general surgery / orthopedics)
  • Microscopic examination and analysis of blood, feces, and skin scrapings
  • Intensive Care

The Dog Care Clinic is funded soley through donations and relies on consistent support in order to maintain their activities in Sri Lanka.

Do you want to support the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka? Then you can find more detailed information on the DCC website.

Dog Care Clinic Sri Lanka Praktikum

For animal-loving “non-vets” there are also other opportunities to support the DCC on-site. Please direct your questions and inquiries to:

By the way – you can also support the DCC from home by making donations, sponsoring a dog or, even without spending additional money, when shopping through amazon or searching via benefind.



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