Building strong local communities through tourism

quotescover-JPG-34_1In order to fight poverty, communities in developing countries need to become strong and self-reliant, they need to be the ones defining their needs and be in charge of the decision making. With little or no infrastructure for education or trade poor communities will not be able to improve their lives and will keep struggling.

Many fantastic initiavites have been created all around the world in order to provide the necessary independence and economic foundation for the growth of a sustainable future of local communities.

The main goal of TripSpirit is to find, introduce and promote local enterprises and social projects, which have been set up to improve the lives of the local communities and offer unique experiences to travellers.

Travel responsibly- the best way to support local communities

And many great projects out there have set out to do exactly that: They have given a voice to the communities and have created valuable opportunities for locals and travellers alike. With the help of sustainable tourism they have established the needed infrastructures and have empowered the locals culturally and economically.

These projects offer travellers special and authentic experiences which are far from the mainstream tourism – they are local and personal. The traveller has the opportunity to see a different perspective, a close up of another culture and take home a deeper understanding and learning of that place.

Find out about the great projects you can support while travelling and enjoying unique experiences and memories: